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Energy Storage Craftsman-Xue Fei: The Star does not ask the wayfarer, and the time has not lost the Struggler     Date:2021-10-12

Source:Energy storage leader

A nation has only one genius out of millions of people; millions of hours of leisure in the world have passed, but a truly historic moment has just begun to appear, when the stars of mankind are shining." This is a classic quotation from Stephen Zweig's Decisive Moments in History, a book shared by Xue Fei, General Manager of Energy Storage Division of Shenzhen Topband Battery Co., Ltd.. Xue Fei has been deeply involved in the energy storage industry for many years, and he is quite emotional: In the progress of human history, there will always be some heroes at some key points. The reason why these people are named in history is because they insisted on the right direction and worked hard at the key period. We are in the current energy revolution. This kind of persistence and hard work is needed."


Introduction of Topband Battery Energy Storage

Shenzhen Topband Battery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Topband Battery), established in 2006, focuses on lithium iron phosphate batteries, independently researches and develops batteries, BMS and other core links, has full industry consolidation capability, and is committed to providing customers with one-stop product solutions and services for lithium batteries. At present, it has been widely used in low-speed, communication backup, industrial and commercial energy storage, industrial vehicles, mobile power supply and other fields.

From last year's 14th Five-Year Plan to this year's two sessions, it shows that the rapid promotion of green energy development is an important direction of the future government work. Topband believes that in the trend of energy revolution, electric energy storage will play a more and more important role. Xue Fei revealed the recent new trends of the company's electric energy storage business. At present, the company is communicating with customers on "smoothing output and solving the application field of wind and light abandoning" with the wind-solar stations in the three North regions and formulating plans. It is reported that Topband Battery has launched corresponding solutions and products for each link of power supply side, power grid side and user side. In addition to the company's overseas energy storage products, the series of distributed energy storage products is quite complete.


Seize the energy storage market with high cost performance

Most energy storage industry is a competition and cooperation relationship, talking about partners, Xue Fei said: "Topband Battery is a new face in the domestic large energy storage field. In general, to the upstream and downstream partners, Topband holds a positive and open attitude, and will adhere to three principles: first, product safety as the premise; Second, based on the spirit of contract; Third, pursuing mutual respect and win-win cooperation."

As for Topband Battery, which is a new face in the domestic energy storage market, Xue Fei explained: "Since we mainly focused on overseas energy storage field before, our household and industrial energy storage product solutions have been shipped in batches in Europe, America and Australia since 2014. In addition to strict certification requirements, products in these areas will undergo long-term use and verification, and only after passing the test will they choose to bind and cooperate completely. Through the accumulation of overseas energy storage experience over the years, we have some unique ideas and product design ideas for energy storage products, and finally the products presented to customers are safe, reliable and efficient, so I think this is one of the advantages of Topband  Battery at present. On the other hand, with the continuous expansion of our scale, our own cost is also rapidly optimized, so I believe that Topband Battery will definitely gain a share in the domestic energy storage market with its cost-effective product solutions. "


Safety of lithium battery energy storage

The three elements of lithium battery includesafety, cost and service life.When discussing the ranking of the three with Xue Fei, he said that Topband Battery has been focusing on lithium iron phosphate  technology since 2009, which fully reflects the company's caution in product safety, and there is no doubt that safety must be at the forefront.

Talking about the safety accident of energy storage power station in China some time ago, how to ensure the safe application of energy storage? Xue Fei shared his personal opinion: the potential safety hazard of lithium battery itself is thermal runaway, which is mainly caused by short circuit of battery system, and it can be divided into three situations:

First, the battery is short-circuited. This situation can be divided into two categories: one is because there are metal burrs or chips in the positive and negative plates or electrolyte during the manufacturing process, and the internal short circuit is caused by piercing the diaphragm during use; The other is that lithium dendrites are gradually produced at the interface of negative electrode due to the decrease of lithium embedding ability of negative electrode during use, which accumulate to a certain extent and pierce the diaphragm to cause internal short circuit.

Second, the external short circuit. Because of physical changes in the battery structure caused by external forces, or aging of the circuit, or unintentional human misoperation, the battery system is short-circuited, which in turn leads to thermal runaway;

Third, the influence of external environment of the system. The high-power components outside the battery system, such as motors, inverters, switching power supplies, etc., are abnormally overheated, and the heat radiation conducted to the battery system exceeds the threshold value, which causes the battery to get out of control.

To address the above problems, Xue Fei said the following measures can be taken:

Firstly,  to improve the quality of raw materials of cells, to improve the degree of automation and precision of cell production equipment, to improve the level of production and manufacturing process, to continuously optimize the production workshop environment, and to prevent the occurrence of internal short circuit of cells

Second, in terms of R&D and design, the battery should be properly structured from module to PACK to cluster to system to ensure sufficient force strength;

Third, optimize the SOC algorithm of BMS, data acquisition accuracy and control accuracy, prevent overcharge and overdischarge, do a good job in thermal management, and improve the monitoring and fire control level of the system.


Intelligent Energy Internet

2021 is the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", in which energy storage is included in the "14th Five-Year Plan for Energy Development" and "14th Five-Year Plan for Electricity" and other policy documents, and even the special topic of energy storage is directly set for research. Therefore, in this cycle, the future energy storage will definitely achieve breakthrough development in technology, cost and application.

In the current wave of energy revolution, Xue Fei said that the ultimate goal of the whole industry is to establish a green and intelligent energy internet, which requires the grid to be connected to renewable energy for power generation on a large scale. However, the volatility and intermittence of this kind of power generation can only be solved by energy storage. In addition, energy transfer, optimization and matching at the user side can only be realized by energy storage. Even it is no exaggeration to say that the ultimate goal cannot be achieved without energy storage.


communication mechanism

Regarding the energy storage leader alliance, Xue Fei said: "Topband Battery has always maintained a good cooperative relationship with the energy storage leader alliance, and will join hands to help the energy storage industry in the future. At present, the information transmission between the upstream and downstream of the entire industrial chain of the energy storage industry is not smooth enough. I hope that the alliance can establish more communication mechanisms and inject more vitality into the industrial chain! "


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