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Battery for Bicycles & Tricycles

Product introduction
Safety,Intelligent ,Waterproof

Low-speed vehicle battery packs are specifically developed for electric two-three wheel vehicles, with safe cells. reliable BMS and stable packs. The products have been widely used in vehicle manufacturers, battery exchanges, and sharing fields, providing customers with safe, reliable, light, and removable smart lithium batteries, to escort your travel.

Fast speed up  strong climbing

Strong appearance, reasonable design, support large current discharge, ultra-long endurance, lightweight appearance, easy to carry.

full power.png
Large capacity, long battery life Range of 60KM on a single charge
start at low temperature.png
Low temperature resistance,no fear of winter -20°C for use without burden
Super long cycle life.png
Long life and durability Charge and discharge times up to 1000 times+
Built-in GPS, real-time positioning Line records and battery power can be found out
  • Product Model
  • Specifications
  • Voltage Range
  • Discharging Current
  • Cycle life(times)
  • Measure
  • Download
  • TB4812F-L110A
  • 48V/12Ah(15S1P)
  • 39V~54.75V
  • 12A,30A@0.5s
  • >1500
  • 110*245*155mm
  • TB4820F-T110A
  • 48V/20Ah(15S1P)
  • 39V~54.75V
  • 20A,60A@0.5s
  • >1500
  • 180*110*325mm
  • TB4812F-T110A
  • 48V/12Ah(15S1P)
  • 39V~54.75V
  • 12A,50A@0.2s
  • >1500
  • 135*278*157mm
  • TB4815F-T110A
  • 48V/15Ah(15S1P)
  • 39V~54.75V
  • 15A,46A@0.64s
  • >1500
  • 183*160*156mm
  • TB6030F-T110D
  • 60V/30Ah(19S2P)
  • 47.5V~69V
  • 30A,60A@0.5s
  • >1500
  • 362*232*178mm
  • TB6030F-T110E
  • 60V/30Ah(19S2P)
  • 47.5V~69V
  • 30A,60A@0.5s
  • >1500
  • 370*183*193mm
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